Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bumble Bee Socks FO

These socks were started on two circs, top down, two at a time, two years ago. I finally finished these tonight, each one at a time, on double point needles.

Just nice to have these done and not hanging on as the "oldest project" in the basket.

Sock yarn: Opal Bumble Bee
Needle size: US 2
Ready to wear: Priceless

Friday, February 24, 2006


Originally uploaded by Jan2132.
Patonyle pink and mauve for a little grandaughter who wanted "pink socks, plese Grandma." I've now bought some plain Opal Unisolid in rosepink to make another pair for her.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

How long till summer ends??

Woe is me! I've been side tracked by the knitting Olymics and am yet to begin my socks! How long till summer ends?? My heart is in it gals but just not my needles yet!! I have a ball of Ggh and a ball of Opal just witing patiently in my stash cupboard.....

I'm knitting a clapotis for the Olympics because I thought It would challenge me to knit one when I'd been thinking of it for a while and likewise with this KAL. I've been meaning to knit socks for AGES but haven't yet. If I'd been thinking straight I'd have decided on socks for the Olympics and killed two KAL's with one project.

Next week I promise and hopefully I'll have something to show that is as great as all of your socks!!?? :-)

Friday, February 17, 2006

My "first real" pair of socks pictures!

"Sock it to me Summer" KAL, The QR socks, all done.
The details....

Pattern: Heirloom Jigsaw Ladies Short Sock Pattern
Needles: Clover 2.5mm dpn's
Yarn: Heirloom Jigsaw 4ply Self patterning Sock Yarn. Colour #28.

Most knitting done on the commute to work, 2nd sock majority of knitting on the road to Armidale.

Next socks OTN ATM are sock in Opal self striping yarn, Lollypop range, using Shazzza knits sock pattern (eek 20 rows of K1,P1 ribbing....) Cast on, on the way home from Armidale.

Sock yarn purchased in Guyra at Black Sheep Wool N Wares.... Opal (ladybird), Herloom jigsaw, and Heirloom Argyle in a toasty grey colour. More Dpn's ordered today online.

Hello my name is Rachael and I am addicted to sock knitting.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Miss B's Orange socks

Yep orange again. Miss B loves it but the camera hates it. It is nearly impossible to get an accurate colour for these socks.
I am glad to get these done as orange really isn't for me. But seeing as Miss B loves it so much I just tried not to look at them too much while knitting. Next up I am thinking something a little less bright.


I have finished a couple pairs of socks since I joined this blog but I have YET to take any pictures. This is the sock I made for my contribution to The Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics! I am making two pairs and this is the first sock of the first pair!! YAY!

Yarn: Lorna's Laces given to me by my WONDERFUL Secret Pal!
Needles: 2 Size 1 US Addi Turbo Circular Needles
Pattern: My Own
Time: 3 Days

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My "first real" apir of socks done

Just a quickie to let the KAL know, my first real pair of socks are done. Will post a photo on the weekend. 'Course now I'm hooked, the next pair of opal's are OTN as we speak, and I blew my budget on sock yarn while in Northern NSW on the weekend!.
Does anyone have any patterns for that 6 ply Opal yarn?

Summer lovin'

Wow, guys, thanks so much for your comments about the blog!!!! I am totally rapt at how fantastic it's been to be part of this, and all you wonderful gals I've met along the way!! Even though Taryn's out of the country ATM, working hard on the Olympic telecast for us Aussies, I know I speak for her as well as myself when I say we have loved hosting this KAL, and never dreamed we'd have so many participants.
Taryn and I first 'met' a couple of years ago on another online list, and then discovered not only were we both knitters, but that we both knew what Knitty and Interweave Knits were, and shared tha same language of yarns and patterns, lol!! The idea of the summer sock KAL was just tossed around one day, and before I knew it Taryn had the blog up and running, complete with button!! So thank you, dear partner in crime, you know what a terrible procrastinator I am, lol.
To date, I haven't knit as much as I thought I may have, and I attribute that to something in the universe changing, and time not being what it used to be, surely!!! I feel like I've been knitting nothin' but socks since November, and to show I have one pair of Jaywalkers, one finished ankle sock, and about 3" of another sock completed. But no biggie, I've been enjoying the process.
Speaking of which, I've finished one of the pair of anklets I'm knitting for Blue Blog Alison's Sockapaltwoza. A lady didn't receive her pair in the swap, so I volunteered to be a 'sock saviour'. Here's the completed one:

Image hosting by Photobucket

I'm knitting the mate as my Knitting Olympics project, to make sure it gets done!! I'm on target so far, so it's all good.
A question for you all - do you want to continue the KAL throughout the year?? Even though summer is nearly over, doesn't mean the sock knitting has to stop, I was thinking something along the lines of re-christening the blog an Aussie sock KAL. I'll have to consult with my co-host and see what you think, but we'd love your input!!

After-Thought Heel Socks

Finally, I can post a pair of socks to the KAL. Whew. It took forever to get that second sock done. It was like my knitting just dropped off the face of the earth...not finding time, not making time, what is wrong with that picture?

This pair is made with an "After-Thought Heel" in KnitPicks "Autumn" that was gifted to me from my SP5 last Fall.

Now on to the next pair.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Clare...I was reading your blog tonight and went to leave a comment. However, it says I need to be a team member to comment and it looks as if it's just your blog. No email there either so I'm leaving a post here for you. Can I do this or are you playing safe from spam comments altogether?

Done & Dusted

After knitting 1.5 socks I've finally finished a pair.

I LOVE them!

The stats:
Pattern: Lacy Scallops
Needles: 2.75mm DPN's
Yarn: My own hand dyed
Modifications: Knit toe up with shortrow toe & heel, used M1 inc instead of YO, increased to 72sts after heel.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pink stripes

I finished these a while ago but couldn't get my computer to co-operate.

Home dyed by dunking one end of the ball into dye/vinegar mix. I rewound the balls and started knitting from the lighter end . These are short-row toe-up socks in 8ply. They have been washed several times by the time I took this picture. In the machine they went and onto the line to dry. Some bleeding but it has stopped now. They only took a week to knit. I am impressed with myself.

Now onto the Olympics with BLACK socks for my bloke.

Pink stripes

I finished these a while ago but couldn't get my computer to co-operate.

Home dyed by dunking one end of the ball into dye/vinegar mix. I rewound the balls and started knitting from the lighter end . These are short-row toe-up socks in 8ply. They have been washed several times by the time I took this picture. In the machine they went and onto the line to dry. Some bleeding but it has stopped now. They only took a week to knit. I am impressed with myself.

Now onto the Olympics with BLACK socks for my bloke.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Pink Iris Garden socks

Geez, I did not read this blog for 3 days, and look what happens! News! Socks! Everywhere! Hope things are better soon Jan.

Congrats girls, but esp Taryn and Alison. This blog is a runaway success!

I finished the pink Iris Garden socks a couple of days ago, but computer is having issues with photos from time to time, so I delayed posting the photo. Details on my blog!
Keep up the great work one and all!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chameleons are done!

I love those socks Katie and wow Jan, sounds like you have been busy busy busy. Just make sure you are looking after yourself as well as everyone else.

These are the finished chameleon socks, the stripes are not matching, they are no where near as soft as the patonyle but Kit seems to still want to cuddle up to them. I guess sometimes even knitted socks are still just socks.

Well done!

All the lovely pictures over the last few days look great! Love all the colours and I have some of that discontinued Patonyle too!

I'm going to turn on some cricket and the fan and knit today. I seriously need some unwinding time. My little 3 yo grandaughter broke her leg last Sunday and I'm just back from being there since then.

A break just above the ankle and a spiral break ascending right around the leg and up about 2" above ankle. She was standing on the edge of the right food, not flat on ground and was knocked over by her brother. Her mum heard the cracks. She is in plaster to the top of her thigh and cannot put the foot on the ground for at least 5 weeks, then will have another cast for another 4 weeks. Can you imagine an active 3 yo like that?

I took one change of clothes with me, so have been washing aily. No knitting as the 16 month old doesn't let me knit much.

She's teething with 2 yo molars and is also throwing 2 year old tantrums to get some of the attention given to her sister. Big brother has the guilts and can't believe it was an accident. My son started a new job with his company this week, one with statewide responsibility for his current firm. It was created just for him and he really wanted it, but it was pressure we could have done without this week.

I've had an average of 4 hours sleep each night since then, and have been basically caring for everyone else while all the drama was going on.

So I can see some new socks on the needles. If I can keep my eyes open to cast on!

It Fits, It Fits!

I've finished the second Pina Colada sock and the proof is in the picture, it fits!

I've already ripped back the first so I can re-do the heel and ankle, now it's a race to the finish!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Finished Jaywalkers

Jaywalker socks with picot edge. 2.5 mm addi circular. Patonyle yarn in discontinued colour. Why do they discontinue the good ones?
I knitted the large size this time and they fit nicely. I love them, now I just need some cooler weather to be able to actually wear them.

Kneehighs finished - now when is summer going to end?

Hi all,
I have been plugging away ever since the Brett Lee incident, and finally have some finished socks to show you!

I'm really pleased with how these came out, especially considering my lack of practice with socks and my (almost) complete disregard for gauge and size...
The only problem is that it is still just a bit too warm in Sydney to wear merino kneehighs... obviously my next pair of socks will have to be a little less toasty.
(More photos and juicy details are on my blog if you want to find out more!!)

Opal petticoat

we are all really on a roll now aren't we!~

plain vanilla sock recipe, slip rib heel reinforced with woolly nylon for wearability, these are going into the Christmas present drawer for my Gran, really impressed with myself, these took 6 days on two sets of dpns, knit the rib on one, the rib on the other, the leg on one, the leg on the other, mostly while watching t.v.