Saturday, February 18, 2006

How long till summer ends??

Woe is me! I've been side tracked by the knitting Olymics and am yet to begin my socks! How long till summer ends?? My heart is in it gals but just not my needles yet!! I have a ball of Ggh and a ball of Opal just witing patiently in my stash cupboard.....

I'm knitting a clapotis for the Olympics because I thought It would challenge me to knit one when I'd been thinking of it for a while and likewise with this KAL. I've been meaning to knit socks for AGES but haven't yet. If I'd been thinking straight I'd have decided on socks for the Olympics and killed two KAL's with one project.

Next week I promise and hopefully I'll have something to show that is as great as all of your socks!!?? :-)


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