Friday, May 19, 2006


I've started another pair of socks for my Grandma*, they were supposed to be done for Mother's Day but I'm gonna have to owe her.
I had a lot of trouble deciding on a pattern for these socks, I really wanted to make up my own but after swatching about 10 different stitch patterns the yarn finally told me it wanted to be Pomatomus (or should that be Pomatomi?)

I love the way they're turning out & might even have to knit myself a pair when I've finished these.

*By the way, she loved the first pair & from all reports she has showed them to everyone in creation but is yet to actuall WEAR them.

Friday, May 12, 2006


5th? pair done for this year.

Very comfy and warm. Also my most expensive pair so far. Filtura di crosso Zarina on 2mm needles, shortrow heel/toe as usual. Best fitting socks so far. Only 20cm of yarn left between them. Now on to socks for my sisters 40th. she has big feet size10.5.

And we have GRASS!!

sorry just been soo long between mows.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jaywalker 3

Yep I know, more Jaywalkers.
This time they are for Miss B and she loves them.
A fraternal pair which is fine, I like different parts of each sock and personally I'd prefer not so much yellow.
But definately a fun pair of socks.

It's notsummer any more, but...

They are bedsocks for my husband. They don't match, yes I do know that they don't match. I was tryign to work out what works for him. Now I know...
  1. 72 stitches - yes, what an awful lot of stitches
  2. 3.25mm needles - they are bedsocks and don't have to be super durable
  3. lots of ribbing to keep them on
  4. 2x2 ribbing is better than 1x1 ribbing
  5. he doesn't care if there is a cable on it or not - they are just bedsocks!
  6. i need to start the decreases 1/2 an inch later than I normally would.

They fit! Woohoo!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

they count as socks - no?

garter stitch baby bootees from a vintage Paragon pattern booklet. Very quick to make, and easy to size up or down ( just change needle size).
Yarn is 3ply organic merino handpainted by moi.