Thursday, March 23, 2006

I am seriously addicted to sock yarn!

There! I said it! I feel better now. Here's a recent photo of my sock yarn stash - more has been added since this photo - (but that was a gift - does that count?)....theres some Socks That Rock Yarn, A few Versions of Opal, Some Fyberspates, some Cherry Tree Hill and some Knit Picks...tragic really.

I just recently dyed some Knit picks yarn in the first 2 months of Project Spectrum Colours and completed my version of the Mirabella Socks... they are great and I really am happy with them. The first sock was the first time I had used the short row heel method, and it needed that for the toe (toe-up) and heel so by the second sock I was moving along nicely.

They are very colourful - and I love them. (Nice shot of rural NSW in the Background) sorry - blogger won't play - will add photo when i can


Blogger Taryn said...

nice collection you got going there donni! always room for more though i'm sure ;)

5:06 pm  

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