Friday, January 20, 2006

All socks, all the time!!

Hi all
Just a quick post to check in, but no pics today, sorry!!
Socks are all I have on the needles ATM (except for the delightful Kate from the latest Knitty, nearly finsihed)!! I'm currently in the middle of the first of a pair I'm doing as a 'Sock Saviour', one of the Sockapaltwoza participants didn't get her pair, so I volunteered to knit a pair for her. Alison (blue blog) sent me some cotton yarn to knit with, which has been interesting.
I also have a plain, stockinette on Magic Loop out of an Opal hand-dyed pair (well, the first of a pair happening) - these are my mindless, take along knitting ATM, and also my 'new' technique (Magic Loop, which I'm not totally infatuated with, but will keep plugging away).
Next up is the swatching for the ball of Trekking XXL in the fabulous 100 colourway that I got through the lovely Lisa over at Sock Monster. Can't wait to get these underway!!
There's a new baby just arrived and one on the way that will need warm footsies this winter, so must get those underway, And oh yeah!! My own kids have requested 'mum made' socks too!!
So there it is for the moment - if I can drag myself outside into the heat today, I will provide pics soon.


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