Sunday, January 15, 2006

I've done it, I've finally cast on!

Nothing too exciting, no JayWalkers or whizz bang pattern's here, just teeny tny 2.5 dpn's and Heirloom Jigsaw and a basic sock pattern...but you gotto start somewhere right? These are my second ever pair of socks, the first being a practice pair of 8 ply "Creative Knitting" "The sock stripped bare" socks. So these are the first REAL socks!
They shall hence forth be named "The QR socks" because the majority of the knittin' is happening on my commute into the Brisbane CBD on QR or Queensland Rail! So stay tuned for progress!

Actually, does a "YARN" wine sock count as a sock? In that case I have an almost FO to show too, just need to felt it!


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