Thursday, April 06, 2006

socks and more socks

Just as well today is a bit more like autumn than yesterday was as I'm making cosy socks for me. I finished a pair yesterday at home. Bluebell crepe, so handwash only, but that's fine as they are mine. Short footlets for joggers with a small pattern in what there is of the cuff.

At work I am working on a pair of Opal Magic Stripes. lAs tlot of Opal I used was Elemente and I hated it. It felt like hard string on my fingers. I waas a bit hesitant about these but the wool was in my stash. It's heaps better than the Elemente. I've done one sock and am nearly down to teh heel on the second. Good stuff for work as I'm constantly being interrutped to actually do something. (How rude is that!) These are brainless as to pattern. Just knit.

And I've cast on for the April Six Sock KAL.

Next day update
I think I'll rip what I did last night on the KAL socks. This has a cuff made by 6 rows garter stitch and then seven purl. Turn garter stitch to inside and hem down by taking one stitch from cast on and one live stitch. Knit two together.

My problem is not with the actual mechanics of the hem. I like the purl cuff, but I am doing them in some dark purple Elann wool from stash. I should have waited till daylight. I obviously couldn't see well enough last night and have not been consistent in which cast on loop I picked up. Messy and sloppy.

Pattern is a 6 stitch repeat. I'll frog what I've done and decrease stitches. The cuff fits but the leg is tpp big.

And I'll do it in daylight!


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