Thursday, February 02, 2006

Well done!

All the lovely pictures over the last few days look great! Love all the colours and I have some of that discontinued Patonyle too!

I'm going to turn on some cricket and the fan and knit today. I seriously need some unwinding time. My little 3 yo grandaughter broke her leg last Sunday and I'm just back from being there since then.

A break just above the ankle and a spiral break ascending right around the leg and up about 2" above ankle. She was standing on the edge of the right food, not flat on ground and was knocked over by her brother. Her mum heard the cracks. She is in plaster to the top of her thigh and cannot put the foot on the ground for at least 5 weeks, then will have another cast for another 4 weeks. Can you imagine an active 3 yo like that?

I took one change of clothes with me, so have been washing aily. No knitting as the 16 month old doesn't let me knit much.

She's teething with 2 yo molars and is also throwing 2 year old tantrums to get some of the attention given to her sister. Big brother has the guilts and can't believe it was an accident. My son started a new job with his company this week, one with statewide responsibility for his current firm. It was created just for him and he really wanted it, but it was pressure we could have done without this week.

I've had an average of 4 hours sleep each night since then, and have been basically caring for everyone else while all the drama was going on.

So I can see some new socks on the needles. If I can keep my eyes open to cast on!


Anonymous claudine said...

Oh no, poor little girl! I hope your granddaughter will get well soon, it must really be terrible for a 3yo...

3:21 pm  

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