Friday, January 13, 2006

plain jane picot

plain jane picot
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Don't go calling me a sock knitting machine! Extenuating circumstances here, I plead. I can take weeks on one pair too. These have basically been not quite two days.

I don't have young children around the house who need constant feeding and looking after. Just a husband who is pretty good on needing food, but he's not been home much the last few days.

Part time work has dried up over the holiday period too.

It's been coolish and damp, good knitting weather. I haven't been sleeping well, so why not knit? Tghis morning I was in the shower at 5:00 after waking at 3:15 and started knitting not long after 5:00.

Yesterday I did a lot of housework and finally got all the cat fur off the lounge and dining room rugs. Also scrubbed kitchen and bathroom. My elbow was burning hot when I finished so it's still not right. Today I'm taking things easy and knitting which doesn't use the elbow.

This is some 5 ply 100% Corriedale which I bought at Champion Textiles at Newtown about two years ago. It seems to me to be quite a bit thicker than commercial 5 ply and it's also a bit coarser than merino. Knits up quickly and I used 2,75 needles and still had quite a dense fabric.

The ball band has long since disappeared but it was handspun and dyed somewhere in NSW. I've started to use it twice before and frogged it each time as it didn't want to be what I wanted it to be.

Along with all this, the socks are short and fit well in my New Balance trainers. I made them short because I wasn't sure how far the wool would go. When I weighed it to divide in two it was just over 80 gm instead of 100 gm. I haven't used any of it for anything, so was shortchanged, but both the ballband and receipt are lost. Too late to complain now. The wool was thick and I wasn't sure how far it would go.


Blogger Baa Bonny Belle said...

Hip-hip horray...for completing the socks in a very fun color. And another horray for getting productive at 5am.

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