Saturday, January 28, 2006

not happy, Jan

I haven't had a great deal of time this week for knitting, although some has been done when I watched the tennis/cricket at night.

I'm almost down to the toe shaping on the first sock being done for a friend who moved to Armidale last year to study and who nearly froze in the winter. These are basically a boot sock and the Lionbrand Magic stripes in grey and deep red look quite good and should be warm.

I've also created what is destined to become a UFO. Elann wool in a most uninspiring beige, brown clour. 2.25 neeedles. One has taken me ages of boredom. I was going to make Creeping Vines on Jeane Townsend's group. Made some sort of mess through inattention at the heel so ripped that out.

Redid the sock with hearts done in purl around the top. Hearts were then reversed and I moved onto heel. I did a short row heel which looks very good. The foot took forever and every time I measured I could hardly see any progress. I've just grafted the toe but am not satisfied with it. I normally do a much better job.

Tried it on and it doesn't feel comfortable. Can't pinpoint the problem. It's quite obvious I'm not going to like or probably wear these, so I'm not going to even start the second sock.

I'll keep the sock. I just may need some heel or toe contrast.


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