Monday, January 16, 2006

morgans socks

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Fire engine red, much redder than photo shows. It's sock wool from Elann and from a purchase of about 35 balls, these were the only ones that gave me a surprise in colour. They were much redder than showed on monitor. All the rest were good matches. However, they are fine for children. These are for my youngest grandaughter who is just over one year old.

A very quick knit, done while watching the tennis or cricket.

I have three grandaughters, 5, 3, and just over 1. A grandson has just turned seven and another is just 6 months and started crawling the day he turned 6 months. So lots of littlies who love grandma's socks. Now I'll have to do some more for the others. The older ones already compete to sit next to me at family gatherings.

Just remembered that I already have a pair of little girls anklet socks about 70% finished. Must drag them out and finish them. A nice head start on another pair. I hope they have needles with them or I might have to experiment to find what I started them on.

It's easy stuff to do while watching the tennis or cricket. I don't watch a lot of tennis but was given the example of a cricket tragic grandmother when I was young. She used to stay up at night to listen to the shortwave radio broadcasts of the Tests from England.


Blogger Baa Bonny Belle said...

Very lucky grandkids. Isn't nice to have someone little to knit for? Love the Morgan makes a statement, for a 1 yo or a 40 yo. LOL Great job!

12:42 pm  

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