Friday, January 20, 2006

Andrews socks

Andrews socks
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This is the last pair of socks out of the current batch for this particular family. I had to tink the toe of the first sock and make it longer. Fortunately I found this out while babysitting out there on Wednesday. Andrew's feet also need a wedge toe so I had to kitchener this one. I tried pulling stitches in, but the sock just wasn't right.

These are in Lionbrand magic stripes, about the closest thing to cast iron socks for a tightly wound bundle of energy hidden in a boy shape. He's never still.

Seven a couple of weeks ago, he's been told that next summer he will be playing cricket in a ten year old team. Currently he bowls a full length, instead of half a pitch like the rest of the team. When he bats, the coach makes the fielders spread right out.

He plays soccer in the winter and on registration day some mothers said that if he was in a team to put their sons in the same team, not the opposition because they would not play opposite him.

Both these sports are practised constantly at home along with other seven year old games and bike riding. Endless energy. He worked out he could practise batting by himself by throwing a ball against the house wall and then hitting it on the return.

So cast iron socks are necessary. These look long, but aren't too big by much. By winter they'll be a good fit.


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