Thursday, January 05, 2006

also finished

I've just finished the clover leaf pair. First one is pictured in gold a few posts down. Easy and quick. Probably not my favourite but they are done.

Ive had a fair bit of time knitting lately so they were quick. I have the excuse that the bad elbow I have had has prevented housework. Actually doctor did say not to vacuum, sweep, beat eggs etc. As if I needed an excuse!

I've just been through my stock statsh. Thought that the Heirloom cotton I had was strtchy but it's just plain cotton. Think I was thinking of Heirloom "Breeze" (??) which has lycra in it. Had planne on some anklets formy sister.


Blogger Rachael said...

I have some Breeze left, enoough for socks, what pattern would you use?

7:37 am  

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