Sunday, December 11, 2005

on the way again

After a week of no knitting at all as I had an angry red golfball instead of an elbow, I've started a pair of footlet socks. Pictures still to come.

I've been looking at the other pictures here. Beautiful. Those of you who have done the jaywalker sock, what's the fit like? I don't normally cast on so many.

Latest Australian Creative Knitting has two sock patterns. Patons suggests that the tension is tighter than normal, but it is still 9 stitches/inch. So what's new? Socks knit too loosely sag and also don't last.


Blogger Jessica said...

Jan, the Jaywalker sock is definately a tighter fit. You really do need those extra stitches. Grumperina has posted extra sizings for those that the original pattern was too small for.
Glad to know you are knitting again.

10:14 am  

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