Monday, November 28, 2005

summer socks???
Not very summery here in Sydney this weekend. In fact, my outdoor thermomenter showed 14° all yesterday. However, I'm still on the yellow toe up socks pictured earlier. Done the foot and heel of the second sock and am progressing up the leg.

And do booties count as socks? I made a pair of baby mittens and a pair of garter stitch booties yesterday for a friend who's pregnant. Both out of the 2006 calendar and finished in an afternoon. Not much knitting to them. Booties are garter stitch with a longish leg which can be turned down like a sock cuff. Pictures to follow perhaps. It's grey and dark here again today. Not photo weather at all.

update for Rachael from comments
2006 Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar is a boxed calendar with patterns for most days of the year. Some patterns are spread over more than one day. It is published by Accord in the USA and is available here at Calendar Club stalls in major shopping centres. Their website lists sites and phone numbers. $22.95. Obviously, there are a lot of different patterns. However, I made quite a few of last year's and have started on this years. There seem to be quite a few tanktop type patterns in this year but also socks, baby and childrens etc and stitch patterns.


Blogger Rachael said...

2006 calender??? Please explain!

12:23 pm  
Blogger Rachael said...

Wow, thanks for that. I got myself and my SP (hi Stripey) a knitting calander, but it's qoutes and stuff, and in QLD that was all I could find. Will have to look out for that one for 2007!

7:09 pm  

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