Thursday, November 24, 2005


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I must be crazy. I'd hardly finished the green pair of Winding Roads socks than this was on the needles. Again from the Heirloom Easycare.

Perhaps not the traditional sock wool,but it's thicker than many sock wools and I get very cold feet. Until last century there was no nylon to add to sock wool, so what's new? I'll probably handwash them, although label says machine can be used. I can give myself that luxury now there are no children in the house with their constant amounts of washing to do.

This is the first toe up sock I've actually finished. Usually I get part way through and rip them out. This has a star toe which looks a bit pointy when I examine the sock but actually fits very well. Easy and quick to do too, although it was a jumble of needles for a few rows. The pattern is a vertical chevron of purl stitches. 6 stitches wide and eight rows.

I'm enjoying all the other photos too. Whatever did we do before digital cameras??

And crazy? I have other Christmas knitting to do and the six sock KAL new pattern is due out in a few days too.


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